These are my favorite recipes...

I keep them here so that I can access them as we travel to save space in the 5th wheel.

Please feel free to check them out and enjoy them!

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Jim & Yvonne Garrett

Black & Decker Bread Maker Operating Instructions & Recipes


Operating Instructions

Christian Cookery 1979 Version (First Christian Church St.Peters, MO)

It's Entertainment
The Salad Bowl
The Bread Basket
Meal In A Dish
The Garden Patch
Sweet Endings
Sweet Tooth
The Pantry Shelf
Calorie Counters
Feed Me, I'm Yours
This was the one I worked on in 1979

Christian Cookery (First Christian Church St. Peters, MO)


Beverages, Sandwiches & Misc.
Appetizers, Relishes & Pickles
Salads, Soups & Sauces
Main Dishes
Meats, Poultry & Seafood
Breads, Rolls, Pies & Pastries
Cakes, Cookies, Frostings & Confections
I think this one was done right after I left for college (c.'80)
Cookbook 1979 (Mary & Martha Circle, O'Fallon Christian Church, O'Fallon, MO)




Table of Contents & Index
Appetizers, Pickles & Relishes
Breads, Rolls, Pies & Pastries
Cakes, Cookies & Icings
Candy, Jelly, Jams & Preserves
Main Dishes: Eggs, Cheese & Casseroles
Main Dishes: Meat, Fish & Poultry
Soups, Salads, Sauces & Dressings
Beverages & Miscellaneous

Create Your Own Cuisine

Mary Hunt Cheapskate Monthly Take one thing from each column and combine to make a meal!!!  Great!!!
Great North American Cookbook

Low Fat Recipes includes my favorite Chicken Baked Steak!!!!
Heavenly Delights

Contents & Index
Appetizers & Beverages
Breads & Rolls
Cakes, Cookies & Candy
Main Dishes & Casseroles
Meat, Poultry & Seafood
Pie, Pastry & Desserts
Soup, Salad & Vegetables
This & That


Mom-Mom Long's Recipes

A compilation of some of Mom-Mom's recipes
Recipes & Remembrances (Haverhill CC Cookbook)

Table of Contents
Appetizers & Beverages
Soups, Salads & Vegetables
Main Dishes & Casseroles
Meat, Poultry & Seafood
Breads & Rolls
Pies, Pastry & Desserts
Cakes, Cookies & Candy
This & That
Equivalents, Measurements & Substitutions
This contains a lot of my favorite recipes through the years including my Calico Bean Soup!
Slow Cooker Suppers


Tastes In Time

Contents & Index
Appetizers & Beverages
Breads & Rolls
Cookies & Candy
Main Dishes
Soups & Salads
Vegetables & Sides
This & That


    Holiday Appetizer Dip VERY GOOD!!!
    Mini Mushroom & Sausage Quiches Yahoo Recipes
    Sausage Cheese Balls Keith Scholfield Keith made this each year for our Christmas Party--YUMMY!!!
    Walnut Surprise Someplace Jim Worked Good Dip!
    Christmas Cappuccino Mix Gooseberry Patch Vanilla Cappuccino
    Cocoa Mix Newton IA Recipe
    Fireside Mocha Coffee Mix MSN Recipes Very Good!
    Friendship Tea Mix Gooseberry Patch
    Hot Cocoa Mix Alton Brown
    Instant Hot Cocoa Diabetic
    Merry Mochaccino Mix Gooseberry Patch Can be made as a jar mix and includes gift tag
    Mulled Cider Angel Foods
    Mulled Cider Mix Gooseberry Patch Can be made as a jar mix and includes gift tag
    Pomegranate Blueberry Martinis Cyndi Howells, WA
    White Chocolate Cocoa Mix Gooseberry Patch This recipe can be made as a holiday jar mix and includes gift tag
    Banana Muffins Diane Mott Davidson "Killer Pancake" This Recipe starts right after the Sour Cream Cherry Coffee Cake (isn't marked)
    Basic Bread Mix Gooseberry Patch Can be given as a gift jar mix and includes gift tag
    Beer Crust for Pizza Good!
    Cheese Straws Trisha Yearwood OHMYGOSH GOOD!!!!
    Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread (use with Hot Roll Mix) Gooseberry Patch
    Chocolate Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread Jana Deaton THIS IS GREAT!!!  I actually LOOK for zucchini now!!!!
    Cinnamon Griddle Scones Diane Mott Davidson
    Cowboy Cornbread  Gooseberry Patch Make mix up ahead to use or give as gift
    Crescent Rolls (make with Hot Roll Mix) Misc Jar Mix Recipes
    Easy Cinnamon Roll Mix Gooseberry Patch Mix and keep to make up or give as gift
    Egg Bread Kristi Bizer (worked with her)
    Grand Marnier Cranberry Muffins Diane Mott Davidson (Killer Pancake)
    Hot Roll Mix (Used to make various recipes) Misc Jar Mix Recipes
    Irish Soda Bread Diane Mott Davidson (The Cereal Murders)
    No Knead Bread Cheapskate Monthly Recipe
    Orange-Berry Bread (Using Basic Bread Mix) Gooseberry Patch 
    Pepper Cornbread
    Pizza Crust--Beer Batter Good
    Potato Bread (bread maker) Misc Friends
    Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Bisquits Recipe Lion
    Sourdough Bread Legend Mother Earth Story of Sourdough Bread with recipes
    Sourdough Starter
    Sourdough Bread This is a good one.
    What To Do With All The Egg Yolk Bread Diane Mott Davidson "Killer Pancake"
    Wheat Loaf Bread
    White Christmas Pumpkin Bread Gooseberry Patch This can be made as a holiday jar mix and includes gift tag.
    Zucchini Nut Bread Mom
    Baked Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole From the internet Casserole to make ahead with cream cheese!
    Dutch Baby Pancake Mix Gooseberry Patch Mix and keep to make up or give as jar gift
    Fantabulous Flapjack Mix Gooseberry Patch  To make as a gift or keep on hand to mix into pancakes
    Instant Oatmeal Mix Misc Mixes for Jars
    Killer Pancakes Diane Mott Davidson (Killer Pancake)
    My Favorite Pancakes Mix Gooseberry Patch Can be used in a jar as a gift with gift tag
    Pancake Syrup This is the old fashioned Brown Sugar Syrup
    Potato Breakfast Internet Casserole to make ahead for breakfast
    Snowy Morning Waffle Mix Gooseberry Patch This mix can be given as a gift and comes with gift tags
    Carrot Cake with White Chocolate Icing Wilton Decorating Recipe
    Chocolate Truffle Cake Recipe Card Very GOOD!!!
    Cocoa Chiffon Cake Nathalee Garrett Make and top with Chocolate Fudge Frosting--Jim's Favorite!!!!
    Country Apple Cake Realtor Recipe Cards Made in a pie plate
    Happy Endings Plum Cake Diane Mott Davidson (The Cereal Murders)
    Homemade Cake Mix (used to make a variety of cakes) Cheapskate Monthly
    Oatmeal Cake Nathalee Garrett
    Old Fashioned Pound Cake Misc Internet Recipe
    Paula Deen's Mississippi Mud Cake Paula Deen
    Satiny Chocolate Frosting Recipe Card Use on Chocolate Truffle Cake--Excellent!!!
    Sour Cream Cherry Coffee Cake Diane Mott Davidson
    Almond Chicken This one is from I made this for Jim and it was good
    Almond Chicken This one is from a website I haven't made this one
    Apricot Chicken E-mealz Very Good!
    Beefed Up Chicken Kathy Elias, Kan-Do Kampground, MO SO GOOD!!!
    Cheaters Chicken & Dumplings E-mealz Very Good!
    Chicken Dressing Casserole Misc Recipes
    Chicken Marbella Realtor Recipe Card
    Chicken Marsala Casserole
    Chicken on Wheels (original made with Shrimp) Diane Mott Davidson (The Last Suppers) This is TERRIFFICCCCCCC!!!!!
    Chicken or Shrimp Risotto with Portobello Mushrooms Diane Mott Davidson This is a shrimp recipe but I use chicken due to shrimp allergy
    Deen Brother's BBQ Chicken Deen Brothers--Good Morning America
    Doll Show Chicken & Eggs (original Recipe with Shrimp) Diane Mott Davidson
    Garlic Chicken Stir Fry Realtor Recipe Card
    Grilled Chicken A L'Orange Diane Mott Davidson (Killer Pancakes)
    Hoisin Turkey with Roasted Pine Nuts in Lettuce Caps  Diane Mott Davidson (Killer Pancakes)
    Italian Dijon Chicken Breasts E-Mealz Very Good!
    Kamikaze Chicken One of the places Jim Worked Very good!
    Orange Herb Roasted Chicken Angel Foods Recipe
    Plantation Pilaf with Chicken Diane Mott Davidson "The Main Corpse" This is a shrimp recipe but I use chicken due to shrimp allergy
    Sauteed Pecan Chicken (Flounder) Someplace Jim Worked I think this would be good as chicken--original recipe is for flounder
    Slow Bake BBQ Chicken E-Mealz Very Good!
    Brownies Nathalee Garrett
    Chocoholic Cookies Diane Mott Davidson (The Main Corpse)
    Chocolate Comfort Cookies Diane Mott Davidson (The Grilling Season)
    Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies Paula Deen
    Chunky Chocolate Cookies Mix Gooseberry Patch Mix to make or give as jar gift
    Heavenly Chewy Bars in a Jar Mix Gooseberry Patch Jar Gift with tag
    Heavenly Chewy Bars in a Jar Recipe Gooseberry Patch Jar Gift with tag
    Hot Cocoa White Chocolate Mousse Squares
    Jar Cookies This is the recipe you put in a jar and gift Includes Substitutions...
    Jar Cookies--Sand Art Cookie Mix Cheapskate Monthly Jar gift recipe with substitutions...
    Joanne's Cookies One of the places I worked Excellent!
    Nestle' Original Toll-house Cookies Nestle' Chocolate Chip Package
    North Pole Cookie Bars (use with North Pole Cookie Bar Mix) Gooseberry Patch
    North Pole Cookie Bar Mix Gooseberry Patch Raspberry Chip Mix
    Old-Fashioned Sour Cream Cookies Misc Internet Recipe
    Paradise Macaroons Alton Brown Wonderful!
    Peppermint Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Giada De Larentis Food GREAT!
    Red n Whites Diane Mott Davidson Cream Cheese & Strawberry cookies
    Soft Pineapple Cookies (Use with Ultimate Cookie Mix) Gooseberry Patch
    Spicy Sugar Drops Internet
    Sweetheart Sandwiches Diane Mott Davidson
    Tropical Island Cookies (use with Ultimate Cookie Mix) Gooseberry Patch
    Ultimate Cookie Mix--basic mix to use for various cookies Gooseberry Patch This can be made as a gift jar & includes gift tags
    Vanilla Frosted Fudge Cookies Diane Mott Davidson "Killer Pancake"
    Whoopie Pies Mom-Mom Long OHMYGOSH Good!!!!
    Apple Fritters Realtor Recipe Postcard I haven't tried this one yet, but looks promising
    Apple Pie Filling Cheapskate Monthly
    Babsie's Tarts (Raspberry Almond Tarts) Diane Mott Davidson "Grilling Season" Haven't tried this one, but these are usually good!
    Banana Split Cups Realtor Recipe Postcard Individual small desserts in chocolate cups
    Berry Custard Star Puffs Realtor Recipe Postcard Puff Pastries with berries & Sour Cream
    Berry Ice Cream Pie Realtor Recipe Postcard Mix Berry Flavored Ice Cream
    Cherry Chocolates Newton IA These are TERRIFFICCCCC!!!!!
    Chocolate Mousse Recipe Card
    Cinnamon Cream Cheese Squares Barb Frantz--Rose Hill, KS
    Cinnamon Munch Cheapskate Monthly (Butter Cinn & Sugar) Great munch for gifting 
    Coffee Flavored Shaved Ice Pampered Chef Used with Pampered Chef Shaved Ice Machine
    Cream Cheese Sopapillas Barbara Frantz-Rose Hill, KS Excellent
    Easy Cream Cheese Clouds Philadelphia Cream Cheese Magazine Recipe
    Fluff Stuff One of the places Jim worked Heavenly Hash kind of dessert
    Fudge Cupcakes Nathalee Garrett
    Fudge Frosting Nathalee Garrett Use on Chocolate Chiffon Cake--Jim's favorite!
    Fudge Melt-a-Ways Misc Internet Recipe
    Fudge Souffle' Diane Mott Davidson
    Galaxy Doughnuts Diane Mott Davidson
    Incredible Cobble Mix Misc Mix Recipes for Jars
    Marbled Cheesecake Recipe Card
    Meringue Baked Pecans Diane Mott Davidson
    Peanut Butter Balls Very Good
    Peanut Clusters Newton, IA
    Philadelphia 3-Step White Chocolate Cheesecake Philly Cream Cheese
    Pumpkin Layer Cheesecake Realtor Recipe Postcard
    Pumpkin Layer Cream Pie Realtor Recipe Postcard Cream Cheese Layer Pumpkin Pie
    Puppy Chow Excellent!
    Ranch Hand Blonde Brownies Gooseberry Patch
    SNOW EGGS (Oeufs a' la Neige) Someplace Jim Worked
    Spiced Pecans Keith Scholfield Keith made these for Christmas The Cayenne Pepper gives a nice kick
    Spiced Pecans--Mild Misc Booklet These are just a cinnamon covered Pecan
    Velveeta Cheese Fudge SO GOOD!!!!  And NO Fail everytime!
    White Chocolate Mix Great for Christmas Gifts!
    Homemade Beer Crust Pizza-Bread Machine Very Good!
    Julians Cheese Manicotti Diane Mott Davidson
    Lasagna Nina Stine Delicious!
    Lasagna Recipe Card
    Lowfat Fettuccine Alfredo with Asparagus Diane Mott Davidson
    Amazing Meatloaf Realtor Recipe Card I haven't tried this one yet but meatloaf wrapped in bacon sounds great!
    Beef Broccoli Stir Fry E-mealz Very Good!
    Beef Burgundy E-mealz Very Good!
    Beefed Up Chicken Kathy Elias, Kan-Do Kampground, MO SO GOOD!!!
    Black Eyed Peas E-mealz Very Good!
    Chinese Beef Stir Fry with Vegetables Diane Mott Davidson (The Cereal Murders)
    Chinese Beef with Green Pepper Chef2Chef Online
    Easy Beans & Rice E-mealz Very Good!
    Fantastic Enchiladas E-mealz Very Good!
    French Dip Sandwiches E-mealz Very Good!
    Garlic Mushroom Tilapia  (could be made with Chicken) Realtor Recipe Card
    Grilled Mexican Burgers & Corn E-mealz
    Herb Crusted Pork Roast Realtor Recipe Card
    Marinade for Chicken Diane Mott Davidson
    Marinated Pork Roast Angel Foods
    Mexican Cornbread Keith Scholfield EXCELLENT!!!
    Mexican Pizza Diane Mott Davidson (The Last Suppers)
    Pineapple Beef Kabobs Realtor Recipe Card
    Power Play Potatoes & Fish (make with Chicken too) Diane Mott Davidson "Grilling Season"
    Red Beans & Rice Someplace that Jim Worked
    Quesadilla Casserole E-mealz
    Sauteed Pecan Flounder Someplace Jim Worked I think this would be very good as chicken too
    Turkey Curry with Raisin Rice Diane Mott Davidson
    Western Style Beef & Beans Magazine Not sure where I got this, but looks really good!
    BBQ Seasoning Mix From Gooseberry Patch--Includes gift tags This is a BBQ Rub to mix up as a gift or to use
    Top Secret Chili Mix Gooseberry Patch Mix to give with recipe
    Apple Peanut Cole Slaw E-mealz Very Good!
    Bacon and Scallion Potato Salad Sandra Lee (Cookin With Good Morning America) This is a GREAT potato salad--served warm!!!!
    Cranberry Orange Salad Dana Gibson, Wright City, MO
    Farmhouse Buttermilk Dressing Mix Gooseberry Patch Make this mix to give or keep on hand
    Jalapeno Cranberry Sauce Angel Foods
    Marinated Carrots Kan-Do Kampground Unexpected taste from cooked carrots in this vinegar based salad!!!
    Candied Sweet Potatoes Angel Foods
    Rice A Roni Substitute Mix This is one that you can make ahead or just make the dish
    Salsa Fresca Very Good
    Scalloped Herbed Potatoes Cheapskate Monthly
    Baked Potato Soup Good
    Bean & Ham Soup E-mealz Very Good!
    Brunswick Stew (Crockpot) Internet Recipe
    Brunswick Stew I Southern US Cuisine Internet
    Brunswick Stew III Southern US Cuisine Internet
    Bubba's Brunswick Stew
    Centennial Green Chili Stew Slow cook Green Chili Stew
    Chili Ronnie Graham, Augusta, KS This is the BEST!!!!
    Friendship Soup Mix Chris Collins Augusta, KS
    Green Chili Stew Compilation Recipe--Fast Cooking
    Green Chili Stew (Emeril Lagasse) This looks to be more authentic
    Low Country Stew E-Mealz Very Good!
    Lowfat Chicken Stock Diane Mott Davidson (Killer Pancakes)
    New Mexican Pork & Green Chili Stew  Gourmet Magazine
    Noodles--For Chicken n Noodles Nathalee Garrett
    Beef Burgundy Stew Realtor Recipe Postcard I haven't tried this one yet, but looks good!
    Pork and Green Chili Stew Tex Mex Cafe Internet Site
    Rainy Season Chicken Soup Diane Mott Davidson
    Top Secret Chili (use with Top Secret Chili Mix) Gooseberry Patch
    Venison Green Chili Stew Internet This could also be good with domestic meat
    Sun Dried Tomatoes Cheapskate Monthly
   Candy Cane Bath Salts Cheapskate Monthly We made these for Heather's wedding tied in tulle bags.  Great!
    Deskunker Vet in Augusta Takes the skunk scent off of the dogs!!!!
    Dog Bisquits Jana Deaton Dogs do love these!
    Egyptian Body Sugaring Internet Homemade NADS Recipe for waxing hair
    Gooseberry Patch Bottle Dress-ups Ideas for decorating bottles with mixes for gifting
    Gooseberry Patch Christmas Ideas Includes gift tags
    Gooseberry Patch Christmas Ideas II Ideas for gifts
    Gooseberry Patch Index Index of Recipes to look for above
    Gooseberry Patch Index Merry Mixes II Index of Recipes to look for above
    Great Gift Wrapping Gooseberry Patch Unique Ideas for Cute Gifts
    Great Gift Wrapping Ideas Cool Crushed Containers Gooseberry Patch
    Great Gift Wrapping Ideas Gooseberry Patch
    Great Gift Wrapping Pretty Packaging Gooseberry Patch
    Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Cheapskate Monthly
    Simple Syrup
    Turkey Cooking Times